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Specialist translation in law, media and PR, commerce and marketing, engineering and IT, Other references

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Interpreting at courts and notarial offices, Business interpreting, Interpreting at Register Office,

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Why references?

With every purchase, the buyer gives a supplier a credit of trust. However, more often than not the customer does not know on what basis he or she should actually make the decision. When dealing with an industry that one is not well acquainted with, it may become even more difficult to decide on where to buy.

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Interpreting during notarisation of a real estate purchase agreement at Litzenburger notary's office in Mainz

Interpreting at the PAPERWORLD trade show in Frankfurt

Publishing a book review in the German professional journal for translators and interpreters MDÜ

Participating in the BDÜ translation conference "TRANSLATING AND INTERPRETING 4.0. New ways in the digital age"

NEW! Multilingual project management for corporations TRANSLIFY