Data protection policy

As a sworn-in translator and interpreter I am often privy to sensitive information. Since I am obliged by law to treat all information confidentially, I do not disclose any written or spoken contents I gain knowledge of. Punishments extending from the German Confidentiality Act, by which I am bound, are far reaching. These include criminal acts such as the destruction of materials under official safekeeping, breach of confidentiality of written and spoken contents, breach of private secrets, and exploitation of somebody else's secrets or violation of tax secrets. I take the commitment to data confidentiality very seriously, be ensuring all possible precautions are heeded.

Independent work

When you place an order with a translation agency, you cannot know who will actually get hold of your documents. Many agencies cooperate with external translators with whom they have never had contact.  From time to time I receive queries from unknown translation services providers, who attach confidential documents in their first contact, despite the fact I have never been requested to sign a non-disclosure agreement with them.

In contrast to such intermediation agencies, I am responsible for and complete all translation work myself. Your texts, be it printed original documents, hard copies or electronic contents such as e-mails or scans, never leave my office and are not disclosed to third parties. Any exceptions to this must be expressly agreed upon beforehand, e.g. when a text needs to be proofread by another translator.

Data security

All contents sent through my website or e-mail account are stored exclusively on Germany-based servers. They are subject to German data protection law which is one of the strictest worldwide. You will find more information on the IT infrastructure used here (page in German):

All completed translations and e-mails stay on my computer, unless applicable privacy policies dictate otherwise. Data is stored mainly for tax and financial auditing purposes. Aside from that, data storage makes it possible for me to maintain specific terminologies. There is the practical advantage of having an additional copy of your translation at any given time (e.g. two or three years later). When you are a corporate client, I can also maintain terminology memories that will help me keep your corporate language consistent. Should you wish however that translations of your documents are not stored, please let me know when placing your order.

All contents on legal topics provided on this website are for information only and shall not be construed as legal advice. Every reference herein is made to the best of knowledge and belief. However, no liability whatsoever can be assumed for any information.