Literary Translation

Translating literature requires not only excellent linguistic skills but also profound knowledge of cultural idiosyncrasies. Already as a young translator, I had the chance and privilege to translate some texts of literary quality. Now I am looking for new literary challenges, preferably in the language combination Polish → German. If you are a writer or work for a publishing house and are reading these lines, please contact me and let us talk about your book project without obligation. You may also meet me at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October.


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  • German studies at Goethe University in Frankfurt, specialisation: modern German literature (final mark: very good)
  • English studies at Goethe University in Frankfurt and Cardiff University, specialisation: English literature and history of English culture, ideas and society (final mark: very good)
  • Graduated from the European School German-Polish Gymnasium with German and Polish A-levels and advanced courses in German and English

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Wolzogen, Johann Ludwig von:
Anmerkungen zu den metaphysischen Meditationen von René Descartes [Annotations to the Metaphysical Meditations by René Descartes], in: Quellen und Darstellungen zur Geschichte des Antitrinitarismus und Sozinianismus in der Frühen Neuzeit [Sources and Representations on the History of Antitrinitarianism and Socinianism in Early Modern Period], ed. by M. Mulsow and F. Vollhardt,  Berlin 2020 (in preparation)
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Degen, Isabella: Auf den Spuren von Salvador Dali [On the Traces of Salvador Dali], in:Weltensicht und Erdenferne [World View and Earth Distance], ed. by D. Emig-Herchen, Haag+Herchen, Hanau 2011  
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Wel.-Konstantin, Junius: Sky-white, translated from German by Adam Galamaga, Kindle Edition 2011 (eBook)  


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Interpreting during notarisation of a purchase agreement with partitioning of the estate at Dr. Gotthardt notary's office in Mainz (English/German)

Interpreting at the PAPERWORLD trade show in Frankfurt (English/Polish)

Publishing a book review in the German professional journal for translators and interpreters MDÜ

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  • Reimbursement of translation costs

    Although translations are often indispensable, they are also expensive. As a customer, it is natural that you want to make sure your translation is accurate and meeting the highest standards. It is a great pity when the price is the only criterion for choosing a translator and you eventually have to pay more when problems with the alleged cheaper solution arise.

  • When does a translated contract become legally valid?

    A contract is concluded in accordance with German law and translated into English. What is the legal status of the English translation? Is the German version always prevailing and the English text is for information only when it comes to interpretation and legal assessment of the contract?

  • Police interpreting

    Do you need to testify at the police? Or perhaps you require assistance when talking to a German lawyer? The authorities are obliged to provide for an interpreter at no cost to you!