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Job Application & CV Check

You want to apply for a job in a German-speaking country or Poland and are not sure whether your application letter and CV are written impeccably? I can proofread your documents and give you tips in relation to their content and form.

I review your application documents not just on a linguistic level, but also pay close attention to important details and carry out additional research on them if necessary. This includes questions like:

  • Do German employers really expect to receive CVs in chart form from job candidates? What must such a CV contain and what is an absolute "no go"?
  • Would a British HR manager expect the candidate to mention his or her religious beliefs in a CV? If not, why?
  • What is understood in Poland by a covering letter and how long should it be?

Feel free to send me your documents via e-mail and specify the details of your application. Remuneration will be set by agreement.

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