The benefits to you in a nutshell


FULL AVAILABILITY: Freelance translating and interpreting are my sole occupation which means that I can process your order at short notice.


PROFESSIONAL APPROACH: I take each translation project seriously and use a term in my translation only when I am sure that it is 100% correct. Investing sufficient time and, consequently, making sure that the translation is entirely accurate, means that hiring me will spare you valuable time and money.


FAIR PRICES FOR CERTIFIED TRANSLATION: As a general rule, the fees are based on the German Law on the Remuneration of Interpreters and Translators (JVEG). This calculation method is especially fair for you as a customer because every time you pay for the exact amount of text in your document. In certain cases you can even be refunded the translation costs!


ADDITIONAL SERVICES: I can send you upon request a scan of your certified translation via e-mail or fax with no additional charge. You can use the text already before collection or delivery by mail. Additionally, the translation can also be certified by using a qualified electronic signature.

DISCOUNTS: As a private customer, for the first certified translation you will be given a useful voucher that you can redeem against a future order. The voucher code will be unique and assigned to your person only. It will be valid for an indefinite period.


PERSONAL CONTACT: Normally, your translation order can be processed via e-mail or by post. In case you want to hand me your confidential original documents in person, you can do that easily in my office in Mainz.


SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Thousands of content private clients, corporations, translation companies and international law firms are my best “business card”. Please do take notice of the fact that the quality of my translation services is confirmed by numerous Letters of Reference from my customers which you can view on my website.


KNOWLEDGE OF THE INDUSTRY: As a member of the renowned German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) and of the Association of Court Interpreters and Translators in the State of Hesse (VGDÜ), I have access to an intensive exchange of experiences with fellow colleagues. My knowledge of the translation industry is also of great benefit to you, since I can help you for instance in finding skilled translators for other languages.

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Official translations accepted by all authorities

Accurate and legally valid documents

Insurance coverage

GDPR compliant

Free consultation included

Certification with a qualified electronic signature and apostille/legalisation if needed


  • Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Original, Ausfertigung, Abschrift und Kopie?

    Jeder von uns bekommt es in seinem Leben früher oder später mit diversen Behörden zu tun und bemerkt schnell, wie umfangreich und kompliziert der Urkundenverkehr und die damit verbundene Bürokratie sein können. Immer muss man sich um „irgendwelche Unterlagen“ kümmern, die man von einer Behörde beschaffen oder bei ihr vorlegen muss. Dabei ist Dokument nicht gleich Dokument, denn es gibt unterschiedliche Rechtsformen!

  • Was ist eine Beglaubigung?

    „Beglaubigen“ bedeutet im Amtsdeutsch so viel wie die Richtigkeit von etwas bescheinigen. Man kann etwa eine Unterschrift, eine Kopie oder eine Übersetzung beglaubigen. Dadurch wird deren Echtheit für amtliche Verwendungszwecke nachgewiesen.

  • Is Google Translate a good alternative?

    The notion that translators are an endangered species has already been circulating for some time. Machine translation (MT) offered by companies such as Google or Bing is, after all, free of charge and available any time. Granted: MT is improving year on year. It is fairly adequate for private purposes, for example when you are abroad and need quick help with directions or a hotel booking. Even if you cannot rely fully on the offered translations, communication is simplified.