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Since passing the required state exams in the State of Hesse, my primary professional activity has been centred around translating legal documents. As a sworn-in translator at the Regional Court Frankfurt am Main (Landgericht Frankfurt am Main), I certify translations in German, English and Polish by signing and stamping them. Translations become legally valid in a foreign language by this act of certification. In addition to certified translation, I also serve my customers as a sworn-in interpreter in German and Polish. I am authorised to interpret at court trials, notary offices, police authorities, registry offices and any other public authorities where sworn interpreting is required. My daily work also involves specialist translation, which in most cases is done with the help of CAT tools by request of corporate clients and translation agencies (mainly in the field of law and marketing). In addition, I work as a business interpreter e.g. at business negotiations and trade fairs.

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  • Standard lines, prices per word, matches - calculation of translation prices

    In Germany it is customary to calculate prices for translation work with the help of standardised lines of text, so-called ‘Normzeilen’ consisting of 55 characters each including blanks. The number of characters in a source text (original text) or in a target text (translation) can be used as the basis for price calculation. In case of non-electronic texts usually the target text is used for convenience.

  • Reimbursement of translation costs

    Although translations are often indispensable, they are also expensive. As a customer, it is natural that you want to make sure your translation is accurate and meeting the highest standards. It is a great pity when the price is the only criterion for choosing a translator and you eventually have to pay more when problems with the alleged cheaper solution arise.

  • Is Google Translate a good alternative?

    The notion that translators are an endangered species has already been circulating for some time. Machine translation (MT) offered by companies such as Google or Bing is, after all, free of charge and available any time. Granted: MT is improving year on year. It is fairly adequate for private purposes, for example when you are abroad and need quick help with directions or a hotel booking. Even if you cannot rely fully on the offered translations, communication is simplified.