A good text does not contain any orthographic, grammatical or syntactic errors, is reader-friendly and well-researched in terms of its contents. Furthermore, it approaches the target group in a convincing way. To achieve that, it is often necessary to apply the two-man rule (also referred to as 'four-eye principle'), especially when your texts are to be published in many copies. By applying this rule, the text is checked by an independent linguist who can spot mistakes that went unnoticed.
Feel free to contact me when you need to get your texts proofread, edited or revised in English, German or Polish.


The scope of this service may vary depending on the case. On the one hand, it can involve spell-checking, in the course of which mistakes in spelling, hyphenation, paragraph formatting, punctuation, orthography, and grammar as well as omissions and typos which, despite wide-spread spell-checkers in text editors, astonishingly often make it to the final version. On the other hand, more comprehensive linguistic review can be required. In that case, whole sentences are rearranged to make the text more fluent. Proofreading work does not involve any corrections of substantial statements in a text.

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