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Why references?

With every purchase, the buyer gives a supplier a credit of trust. However, more often than not the customer does not know on what basis he or she should actually make the decision. When dealing with an industry that one is not well acquainted with, it may become even more difficult to decide on where to buy.

To convince you as my potential client, I therefore use a particularly hard argument: recommendation. In the course of the years, I have asked many companies, translation agencies and law firms to issue a letter of reference with a brief description of the accomplished project for me. You can read these recommendation letters on my website and verify them if necessary.

Confidentiality goes first!

A public reference brings certain disadvantages because one reveals a particular business relationship this way. For this reason, you can only see a selection of recommendation letters. In many cases I refrain from asking my business partners to issue such a document for me. Some of my clients refuse to do it for their own reasons.

Since confidentiality is of paramount importance to my work, most translation projects must remain unknown to the public. Therefore, as my customer you can be sure that I will never mention your name or your company in my portfolio or elsewhere, as long as you issue a letter of recommendation for my benefit.

Quality Guaranteed

Most of the recommendation letters you can view on my website consist of a description of the completed translation assignment and can be therefore regarded as fairly conclusive. Nonetheless it is obvious that a letter of recommendation is always issued only for successful work. How to convince that there was no complaint with regard to other translations?

You must believe me: I have never made a serious translation error, which e.g. made it necessary to print a marketing brochure once more or that led to an injury of a person handling technical equipment due to a false translation of the operating instructions. Should such an unlikely event occur, I am well-prepared for the worst-case scenario due to a professional indemnity insurance against all personal, material and financial damages or losses that were caused by my translation work.

Translation Samples

Apart from the many testimonials, you can convince yourself of the quality of my translation services by reading texts on my website. All pages on this website are published in three languages. In most cases German original texts were translated into English and Polish and their contents were localised where necessary. In particular, please take a look at my blog where I publish longer texts on a regular basis. You can switch between different language versions by clicking on one of the flags of your choice on the top of the website.

Furthermore, I can provide you with a sample translation that you can assess yourself in terms of quality. This method of quality check has a decisive advantage because it is always exactly the text that you need to get translated. I can do a sample translation for you without any charge provided that the project in question is large enough (at least 5,000 words), and you seriously think of hiring me after accepting my terms.

Some projects are particularly challenging in terms of terminology and contextuality and it is sensible to talk them over on the phone. Just call me under (+49) 0 1522/2897887, I am there for you!

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