Interpreting at a Notary's Office

You have an appointment at a notary's office in the State of Hesse or Rhineland-Palatinate and require a sworn interpreter? I will be happy to assist you through the notarisation process with my specialised knowledge and language skills, whether it be incorporation of a limited liability company under German law, granting a power of attorney, purchasing real estate property, or finalising a prenuptial agreement.

I interpret in notarial offices regularly. My experience in this field is evidenced by numerous recommendation letters that you can view here. In addition, in my capacity as a state-certified and authorised translator in English, German and Polish, I deal with notarial instruments on a daily basis: I translate and certify notarised documents for official purposes, making them legally binding in their translated version.

Here are some of the key benefits available to you via my services:

Smooth communication throughout your appointment

Language is no barrier: explanations on key provisions as well as any questions or queries from non-German speakers can be fully understood by all interested parties.

Legally watertight notarisation

The instrument is signed by me as an impartial interpreter. This eliminates any claims against the legal transaction in the future due to misunderstandings because of the language barrier.

Consultation included

In over 10 years of my professional experience I have been involved in many notarial recordings. Based on my expertise, I can support you in organisational and practical matters as well as explain to you the notarial procedure in Germany and the usual ways of handling foreign parties in notarial recordings.

Guaranteed data protection

Any notarial recording involves the processing of sensitive personal data. Because of my legal obligation to treat all contents confidentially, I am prohibited from disclosing any details to third parties.

Professional indemnity insurance

As a precautionary measure, I am (and you are, as my customer) insured against any financial loss resulting from my translation work (coverage up to EUR 5 million)

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Official translations accepted by all authorities

Accurate and legally valid documents

Insurance coverage

GDPR compliant

Free consultation included

Certification with a qualified electronic signature and apostille/legalisation if needed


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    The notion that translators are an endangered species has already been circulating for some time. Machine translation (MT) offered by companies such as Google or Bing is, after all, free of charge and available any time. Granted: MT is improving year on year. It is fairly adequate for private purposes, for example when you are abroad and need quick help with directions or a hotel booking. Even if you cannot rely fully on the offered translations, communication is simplified.

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